About us

Two tango-dancers from Holland, Laura and Henk, met 5 years ago at a tangocamp in the woods east of Utrecht, Holland. Laura, who thought Henk was quite a peculiar fellow, after some hesitation asked him if he would like to accompany her on his guitar for a performance during “Bonte Avond”. Henk hesitated for a moment (she was a little bit too alternative for his taste), before responding in the affirmative. The performance was quite a succes. This was the start of a fruitful journey together that took them to many places: they performed at many milongas, private parties and at tango-festivals in Holland, Germany and the UK. all in all, they performed together dozens of times and in this way build up a repertoire of beautiful Argentine tango’s, waltzes and milonga’s. Sometimes Laura sings and Henk plays the guitar, sometimes Henk sings and accompanies himself, sometimes they sing together (and you will find about the whistling soon enough…)