Laura Biography

Laura experienced the joy of singing for the first time during a Waldorf teacher trainer course in 1978. She sang in the school choir and was thrilled. The next year she was in Emerson College in England and again had great choir experiences.
In 1982 she met her husband , Maarten van Leer, who was studying at the conservatory of music in Utrecht. He directed several choirs and music was a big part of their life.
In her second marriage music was more in the background. This changed when she sang with Fulanos de Tal from Buenos Aires during a Taboecamp. She loved it, although singing with the Porteño accent at first was quite a challenge for her.
A year or so  later she met Henk at the Taboecamp where they performed at the musical evening there. For 6 years years they worked on their repertoire, slowly adding songs and improving their skills (and Porteño accent).
After trying out different kinds of singing lessons for a while she attended  singing classes in the Lichtenberg method.

She worked as a flight attendant at KLM for many years, and because of this traveled to Buenos Aires several times a year. There she took lessons in singing, interpretation and pronunciation with Patricia Bélières.

On september 6th 2018 Laura passed away.