Order CD

We have been working hard on our first CD, called “Laura y Henk cantan Tangolicious”. You might want to order it, to have Laura and Henk sing in your living room anytime you choose so…

If you click here you can listen to a track from our CD (actually a world premiere, it’s a song that Lilia Lavazza, a Portenã composer, recently wrote)

Price: € 15,-
Postage: €2,75 within the Netherlands, €4,75 within the EU

Transfer information

Please transfer the amount of your choice (and  postage when applicable) to bank account no. NL02 INGB 0005 757710 tnv H.A. Bruinsma, Utrecht.

You might want to copy and paste this account number into slot: account number (IBAN) of your banking-app.

Sometimes  the BIC (Bank Identifier Code) is requested. This is: INGBNL2A